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The ability of hearing is one of man‘s most precious sensations. To know if a newborn can hear is essential for babies‘ and children‘s boundless development, perception, and learning. In many cases hearing impairment can be treated and cured if detected early enough.


PATH medical cares about your hearing and therefore provides means to help detecting hearing loss at an early stage.


PATH medical is dedicated to develop and to use the best technology in order to provide innovative solutions in audiological diagnostics for all age and risk groups – from newborns and preschoolers to grand-parents.


In cooperation with leading universities, PATH medical supports basic research on new strategies and methods in audiology. It is part of PATH medical‘s mission to analyse and transfer the best results from research to innovations and technical solutions. The company focuses on the field of NHS tracking, objective and subjective audiological diagnostics including (pre)school hearing screening, adult hearing screening, and consulting services.


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