DP+TE, speech & tone Audiometry with air & bone (SOH05)

, Cochlear Audiogram and bone and tone audiometry – all the Audiology tools in your pocket!

Software modules included: Audiometry class 3, TEOAE Quick and Diagnostic, DPOAE Quick (incl. FMDPOAE) and DPOAE Diagnostic (incl DPOAE High Resolution), DPOAE Threshold, Download to MIRA software (SW COM), pdf direct print

Hardware included: Instrument with charger, 2 DPOAE probes (one with red connector, one with blue connector) for simultaneous OAE recordings, headphone HDA280, accessory box, carrying case

Upgrades available:

  • label printer
  • High Frequency Audiometry with HDA300
  • Speech Audiometry

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