Tympanometry & OAE & DP Threshold (SOD08)

The efficient combination of diagnostic features on a reliable platform with sophisticated accessories! Automated Audiograms based on patented DPOAE Threshold Estimation – combined with FMDPOAE (TM)! Cutting edge research implemented in an easy to use workflow!

Software modules included: Diagnostic tympanometry including reflexes and ETF tests, DPOAE Quick, DPOAE Diagnostic (incl. FMDPOAE and DPOAE High Resolution), DPOAE Threshold, Download to MIRA software (SW COM), pdf direct print.

Hardware included: Instrument with charger, calibration cavities, 1 tymp probe, 1 VIP (Visual Inspection probe), accessory box

Upgrades available:

  • bone kit
  • speech kit

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